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Session Descriptions/Bios

A Bridge Too Far:  Guarding the Boundaries of the Faith

The recent “Elephant Room” escapades have revealed the confusion on how we go about guarding the faith.   Is the faith guarded only at the very center, the Gospel, or is it guarded at the boundaries also?

Phil Johnson is the Executive Director of Grace To You and noted web personality at www.spurgeon.org and Pyromaniacs.


Inclusivism and the New Universalisms

Several popular books have promoted the idea that all will be saved.  Popular religious leaders in television interviews give soft answers to questions about the eternal destinies of those who do not accept Christ as Savior.    Are these merely symptomatic of our age’s desire to soften hard edges in the name of a media-savvy appearance of reasonableness, or is there some Scriptural merit to this new inclusivism and/or universalism?  How does this discussion impact our view of missions and evangelism? If there is no Scriptural merit to these declarations, are the promoters of these presenting a defective gospel?

Tony Bartolucci is the pastor at Clarkson Community Church, Brockport, New York.  You can find more about him and his viewpoint at www.tonybartolucci.com.


Eschatological Essentials and the Return of Christ

Fundamentalists and Evangelicals once shared a common perception of God’s plan for the end times. The popular resurgence of Reformed positions, Kingdom Now theology, and various others has produced a new interest and openness to other positions.     In terms of practical fellowship, what impact does this have on fellowship between assemblies in the body of Christ?   What connections exist between Eschatological views and political activism and social action by concerned Christians?   Is there an irreducible minimum or basic set of theological affirmations in Eschatology, the denial of which calls into question one’s Orthodoxy?

Dr. Joel Tetreau is the pastor of Southeast Valley Baptist Church in Gilbert, AZ.


The Importance of “God Spoke” in Hermeneutics

Many modern texts on Biblical Hermeneutics define the process of hermeneutics in a way that is indistinguishable from how a lawyer might explain a strict constructionist view of interpreting the U.S. Constitution or an international treaty.    How does the fact that “God spoke” impact the process of hermeneutics?   

Tom Pryde is an evangelist (and much more) through Sermons in Song.


Importance of Gender in  Theology & Practice

In our era, attacks on the presentation of God and Christ in the masculine, coupled with the softening of gender-role distinctives once considered normative have brought us to a crisis of understanding.    Gender is a creation of God.  What is the sense in which Gender is important in theology?   How does this impact our practice in church polity and the home?  How does this theology and this practice connect?

Dr. Bob Snyder is the former pastor of Open Door Bible Church in Hudson, MI, and now is actively engaged in training the next generation of pastors through the Log College model.  


Authentic Worship vs. The Death of Churches

Much of the debate in the Worship Wars centers on matters of style.   Larger in scope than just the issue of musical genre choice, what constitutes authentic worship?   When authentic worship is sacrificed for another value, how does this impact the local assembly and/or the larger body of Christ?  Is there a pattern of dissolution or apostasy in churches that lose authentic worship?    Is there a Christian concept of “beauty” that impacts this discussion?

Brian McCrorie is the pastor at Heather Hills Baptist Church, Indianapolis, IN.  He is the host pastor for this event.




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