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Standpoint Conference 2012 

Session 2 is available!
Hear Tony Bartolucci's session here.   Discussion on SharperIron here.

Hear or read Phil Johnson's 1st session session here.  Discussion on Sharperiron here.


  Standpoint Conference 2012:

The Fundamentals II:
Connecting Theology & Practice
Between 1910 & 1915, 64 authors wrote 94 essays defending the faith against the onslaught of Modernism.   This series, The Fundamentals was a series of articles, a series of addresses, and finally, a 12 volume book series.   
Postmodernism, anti-intellectualism, multi-culturalism, and many other forces press against our doctrines and practice in new ways today, forcing us to sharpen our understanding of what the Scriptures say in certain key issues.    Standpoint Conference endeavors to address today’s threats to the faith once delivered to the saints.

In this first of 3 events (1 per year), we are endeavoring to gather a body of Biblicists to address key doctrines, examine how they are threatened in specific areas, and give answer to these threats.   We plan a series of lectures and publications (at least in electronic form, if not in print).  

We have begun to release video and audio of the sessions, at a rate of about 1 per week.   Each speaker will make himself available for the web-based discussion to follow (details to be announced).    

It is our hope to return with an actual in-person conference next year (March, 2013).


Sessions for 2012:

  • Phil Johnson, keynote.   A Bridge Too Far:  Guarding the Boundaries of the Faith  
  • Tony Bartolucci, Inclusivism and the New Universalisms
  • Mike Durning, The Defective Hermeneutics of “Gay Theology”.
  • Joel Tetreau, Eschatological Essentials and the Return of Christ
  • Tom Pryde, The Importance of “God Spoke” in Hermeneutics
  • Bob Snyder, The Importance of Gender In Theology and Practice
  • Brian McCrorie, Authentic Worship & the Death of Churches

Click here for session descriptions and mini-bios on the speakers.

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